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    New York Part II

    Long time, no see! 😱 In my previous post I promised to take the New York trip onto different posts. Mostly because there are so many cool places to write about… And so much will not be written about of course. The posts are probably most valuable to people, who plan to visit New York, and who would like to get some suggestions! πŸ—½

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  • Travel

    Long weekend in New York Part I

    At the end of August, I had a long weekend in my favorite city in the world – New York City! πŸ—½ I had such an amazing weekend over there, especially…

  • Miss U.S. Latina

    Miss U.S. Latina

    On the first weekend of August, I was honored to be invited to Miss U.S. Latina. No, not only to see the pageant but also to be the judge and help…

  • Life Travel

    Vacation in Estonia

    When a place has been your home for almost all of your life, then it is so weird to say that I will have a vacation over there.. πŸ˜… But as…

  • Life

    Haulover Park Food Trucks Tuesdays

    A couple of months in Miami but we already have some ‘traditions’ that we are doing almost every week. 🀩 One of the traditions is that every Tuesday we are enjoying…

  • Life

    Driving license

    Who would’ve thought that after having a driver’s license for 10 years I have to do them again! 😱 Well, I wouldn’t! But there I was… Doing a driving license in…

  • Life Lifestyle

    What’s up with the Miami?

    Those, who have read my previous posts, or who are following me on Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn, see that I have been ‘all about Miami’. And relocating to Miami. And…

  • Shopping cart

    Shopping time in Costco

    Brr. Not clothing this time… πŸ₯Ί So you definitely won’t find anything fancy in this post. But still, I wanted to share my first Costco Wholesale visit with you, as for…

  • Life Travel

    To Miami?

    So, very long time. No post. πŸ€” That’s because I have been extremely busy & I have had no energy to do blogposts or much social media stuff either… But I…

  • Beauty

    An ode to MÁDARA

    I have been a HUGE fan of the Latvian organic skincare company, MΓ‘dara, for quite a while already. And that’s the biggest reason for this blog post! 🀩 And for everyone…