Makeup on point

During the last two months, I have been blessed to have had the possibility to be the makeup model for three amazing makeup artists, four times! And as you can imagine, this post will be about that and only about that! Makeup on point! 😍

Makeup-artist Keiti Pehlak

For Keiti, I was a makeup model two times in the Glamest makeup school, which is lead by two one of the leading makeup artists in Estonia – Meelis Krik & Anna Izotova.

For the first time, I was a model for her when they studied the 1970’s. The makeup trends in the 1970s were sassy & cool. They started using bronzer, used shimmering, sparkly & bold eyeshadows, dramatic eyeliner, they were drawing the false lashes and so much more!

Makeup by Keiti Pehlak, theme – ’70s. Bright & sparkly eyeshadow, with eyeliner and dark lipstick.
70s makeup by Keiti.

To be honest – I really was looking forward to that, but I kinda felt, that it wasn’t exactly my thing. But I really loved the β€˜false lashes’, drawn under the eyes. 😝

The second time I was a model for Keiti, it was the final exam day! The theme Keiti got, was the 1960’s. In the ’60s the keywords were very thick winged eyeliner, bold lipstick – colorful or nude, and rather earthly tones of eyeshadow.

60s makeup by Keiti.
60s makeup by Keiti (yep, with Instagram filter, sorry 😝)

So this is the type of makeup, what is totally me, when I am going to the makeup artist. Simple & bold. Red lipstick is always my way! This is something I could not live without! 🀩

Makeup-artist Tuuli Rand

After the first time of being model for Keiti, I saw that Tuuli was also studying at the same Glamest course (Fellow islander, you know. πŸ˜„). So after the lesson, when I was a model for Keiti, Tuuli asked if I want to be a model for her one day. (Some more pics with that makeup is found HERE)

So for Tuuli, I was a model, when they studied the crazy 1980s. It was trendy to use neon colors, doing eye makeup big and colorful, and why not even half of the face with eye colors 🀩. I’ve got to say, that after that I bought myself also a small NYX Ultimate Edit neon eyeshadow palette, as I really liked those colors on me!

Makeup by Tuuli, theme – 80s.
Makeup by Tuuli, 80s.

My new favourite! The makeup, which opened my eyes, that pink is totally my colour!! 😏

Makeup-artist Kreetel Koch

For sweet Kreetel, I was a model most recently, on Monday. She invited me to the studio, where she is working, Happy Vibes Studio. It was located in the center of the city, in Narva mnt. 7a.

At first, she thought to make something common, what many people are usually asking, but I suggested to use some colors, as I was still mesmerized by the 80s makeup by Tuuli. So Kreetel used different pinks, whites, purples, and black on me! 😍

Makeup by Kreetel
Makeup by Kreetel

Pink, pink, & more pink! Bold, but still girly! Love it! πŸ’•

So I am very happy to share the results also with you, and maybe some of you will find themselves new hidden gem, from who to go for a makeup next time! πŸ€©πŸ™ŒπŸ»

I must say that I really am a fan of colors now, but the classical makeup by Keiti would also always be the right choice! So everything of course depends on the event or situation, but I can assure you, that with those amazing makeup artists – there is always makeup on point! ✌🏻

Put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.

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