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To Miami?

So, very long time. No post. πŸ€” That’s because I have been extremely busy & I have had no energy to do blogposts or much social media stuff either… But I am trying to take myself together and write new and hopefully interesting posts here more often. So I hope you will enjoy it! β˜€οΈ

A very big change has happened with our family, as we relocated for a while. To the United States, to Miami – if to be precise. Hot weather almost through the year, everything happening almost every day and night, lively people, amazing beaches, shopping… It is just perfect! 😍

Welcome to Miami!
Everything you need for everyday life is at your fingertips

The first weeks of our relocation have been very busy & a little hard. As there are many things we need to do in the apartment. At the moment our kitchen restoration is still in the process, so this is very much of a mood killer.

And then we will need to re-do the floors in kitchen, dining room and living room; re-do the kitchen walls; replace most of the power sockets (as the ones we have now are form ages); finish our daughter’s room; buy some new furniture and fix a hole in the master bedroom wall (Yep, we have a hole in there πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ). But about that, I will talk longer in another post.

Otherwise, the condo has very big potential – it is very spacious, the location is perfect (and safe! Probably it is the first time I really love that the police station is very near and the police is all the time driving around here for safety 🀟🏻); they are just renovating the corridors and leisure area; plus we have a get-together room and a pool downstairs and the condo is right next to the shore (TIP for myself – buy a boat πŸ˜…).

The lobby area of the house
Our new hood 🀟🏻

More about the location – we are about a 10min walk from the amazing Surfside beach & everything you will need is right next to the house – great restaurants, shops & shopping centers, cute coffee places, dentists, beauty salons, massage places, tennis courts, dog parks, children parks, school, bus stops… And so much more! 😍


I have been here for a very short time, but I am so in love with the place. There are so many places to discover & so many things to still do, but I am optimistic. This has been my dream. ❀️

Everything is Figureaoutable

PS! Coincidence or not, but in 2020, when I was studying at Tallinn School of Economics, I was reading a book by Marie Forleo, ”Everything is Figureoutable”, and there was an assignment, to write down things that you want to happen in one year, so I did. And soon one year is over and there are only two things left from the list, that hasn’t happened yet. BUT I already know that in near future they also are coming true! 🀩

So if you have something that you desperately want – write it on a piece of paper & start moving toward your dream. Sometimes words on paper can have a huge power!

Triinu in Miami ∞

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