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Vacation in Estonia

When a place has been your home for almost all of your life, then it is so weird to say that I will have a vacation over there.. πŸ˜… But as we haven’t lived in Estonia for already 8 months (wow, okay, it already seems a long time πŸ€”), then it feels to be the right thing to say.. πŸ₯²

Vacation time in home

Our small Estonian vacation lasted about 2 and a half weeks. We were lucky to visit our home when there weren’t any restrictions anymore! πŸ™ŒπŸ» So we were able to have fun, meet friends and go out a lot! (Well as much as possible, as we had like a thousand and one thing to do over there 😬).

Love the ferry rides to my home island Saaremaa ❀️
Look how pretty my home town Kuressaare is! πŸ₯°

I was so happy to be at my home island, in Saaremaa, Kuressaare! ❀️ And I saw my best friends and my family and cousins. The sweetest place on earth for sure! 🀍 (Who doesn’t know then Saaremaa is the prettiest and biggest island of Estonia – read more!)

Flexing with my cute home town yep πŸ₯°
The central square in Kuressaare πŸ₯°
Fun times

We had a great time both in Tallinn and in Kuressaare. When you haven’t seen your friends for a while then it is so much more happiness in the meet-ups!

In FΓ–PP party with my other half πŸ’•
πŸ“Έ Rauno Liivand

We also ‘got lost’ many times in the Suveterrass – one of our favorite places in Tallinn for sure (Greetings to Priidu & Merli – you are doing an amazing job πŸ™ŒπŸ»). We also were at an amazing birthday party over there, and after that, we were at a cool party in T1 Mall of Tallinn and in Balti Jaam FΓ–PP party. Balti Jaam area is the new party place to be! The Old Town of the Tallinn was so much more quiet and most of the places were so empty.. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

At a birthday party in Suveterrass 🎊
With my other half ❀️

PS! Smoking hookah is not good for your health. Hookahs are full of chemicals, and they’re addicting, just like cigarettes. With this post or these pictures, I am not suggesting you start smoking! Find out more about the harms of hookah from the World Health Organization webpage or example here.

Hookah time again bby πŸ₯°
Blouse Joie
Bumbag Steve Madden
Skirt Diana Arno
Necklace by me

Among these places, we also visited Magnet Lounge, My Sushi, Rukis, and some other different cute cafes! 🀩
In Tallinn I also tried a new hookah place with my sweet friend Ksenia, it was called NOY City. The hookah was very good in there, but it lasted shorter than the usual ones and the price was a little higher than many other hookah places in Estonia. πŸ€”

Midsummer Day & family time πŸ₯°

In Saaremaa, we were celebrating Midsummer Day and had a little get-together with our grandma’s side cousins. We were in our countryside, Muratsi, in my cousin’s new summer house. On the Midsummer Day evening, we also drove to Aste, where our friends had a small party. πŸŽ‰

Get-together at Muratsi, with my cousins πŸ’•
Midsummer Day celebration in Kuressaare πŸ”₯
Midsummer Day celebration in Aste πŸ”₯

And also we had such a fun time out partying in the city & also quality time with my family.. Oh it was nice! πŸ™πŸ»

With my mom, riding a double-bike πŸ₯°
Little babies are all growing up already πŸ₯°
Quality time with my sweetest Grandma! ❀️

I was having quality time with my cutest grandma also, we went on a lunch date together in the old, but still, a nice place called John Bull Pub. I used to go there often when I was smaller. Nostalgic!
(* PS! Not approving alcohol. PS2! Also not approving serving wine from Aperol glasses 😬😬). But the food was still good over there – I ordered a warm potato salad, and it was delicious! πŸ˜‹

With our sweetest Grandma ❀️
Quality time with my Grandma at the John Bull Pub
Midrikud!!!! ❀️

And then of course my best of the best – Midrikud (one was missing unfortunately πŸ₯Ί). But we had so much fun and laugh and talks. And we ate some great food in KuKuu restaurant and in Chameleon Lounge. πŸ₯°
Those girls were, they are & they will always be my favorite ones in the world! ❀️

With my Midrikud Squad -1 ❀️
In KuKuu restaurant, in Kuressaare Kuursaal
Earrings Daisy Fuentes
Jumpsuit Japana
Bumbag Steve Madden
Sunglasses XOXO
In Chameleon Lounge with my Midrikud!
(And the amazing apple pie over there 🀀)

Had an amazing time at home! So grateful for the sweetest souls in my life! ❀️

Triinu in Miami ∞

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